Amazon EC2 for DevOps and Developers (Fastest Way Ever) — Udemy — Free download

Be an AWS EC2 expert. Learn EBS Volume, Network, VPC Security Group, EC2 Instance Types

What you’ll learn

  • You’ll be able to fully deploy an application on EC2 at the best cost
  • You will know all the moving parts of EC2 and become an EC2 expert
  • You will be able to pick the perfect EC2 Instance for your Application
  • You will know about some of the most recent EC2 features!


!! This course only deals with EC2 running Linux, not Windows!!
Basic Knowledge of AWS is better, but not necessary
Basic Knowledge of computing / applications is preferred
Basic Knowledge of Linux is preferred (we’ll run a few Linux commands)


This course is the Fastest Course Ever on Udemy to learn EC2 and to have confident working with it.

AWS EC2 is the fundamental core component that every AWS Professional should know about.

If you know nothing about EC2 or feel you could learn more, this course is for you!
I guarantee you’ll learn something on EC2 you wish you knew all this time.

In this course, we are going to explore in depth, with hands-on lectures, all the components of Amazon EC2

Who this course is for:

  • Developers who want to learn about AWS EC2 and how to deploy their applications to it
  • DevOps who want to learn how to deploy and maintain EC2 Instances
  • Solutions Architect who want to understand how to design and run an application in EC2, fully leveraging all the components and ensuring the cost remains minimal


Amazon EC2 for DevOps and Developers (Fastest Way Ever).zip   (download)
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Course Content:

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