Alexander Talyuk – Magazine Retouching: Shooting in Underwear | File size 2.7 GB| Free download

Master retouching for the best brands of underwear!

This class is a treasury of up-to-date knowledge about trends and rules for working with leading brands of underwear. Want to learn magazine retouching for Victoria’s Secret, Agent Provocateur, Intimissimi and other famous companies? Do you want to clearly understand the standards of such work and the requirements that brands and private clients impose? Want to reach a new level and get new names in your portfolio?

See the class where the successful photographer Aleksandr Talyuka takes apart the sensational underwear advertising companies with different aesthetics and presentation and clearly answers the most important questions. What to retouch? How to retouch? The class is comprehensive: step-by-step retouching and preparation of a picture for printing.


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Course content:




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