Edge of Light Editing Videos — Alex Noriega — Free download

Released: September 2019

Runtime: 1 hour 55 minutes (three segments)

In this video tutorial three-pack, I’ll show you how I work creatively with common occurrences of light in three of my favorite images: “Crescendo”, “Funnel Factory”, and “Agon Wastes”. These photos feature three of my favorite types of light: the last direct sunlight of the evening, soft pre-dawn twilight, and dappled afternoon light created by cloud shadows. These kinds of light occur all the time, and I’ll show you ways to harness their potential. You’ll learn a variety of ideas and techniques for working creatively with light and color in your photographs, so that you can create dramatic and realistic finished works in many different situations outside of blazing sunrises and sunsets.


EOL.zip   (download)
2.67 GB

Course content: https://www.alexnoriega.com/tutorials

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