AFX303 Advanced Scripting for After Effects, Part 1 — FXPHD — Free download

You already have some experience with scripting in After Effects (or attended the Beginner Scripting Course AFX226)? Then this course will take your scripting work to the next level! In the course, scripting expert Mathias Möhl will focus on three aspects: scripting tools, clean code and hands-on examples.

# Scripting Tools #
Learn how to use the distributed version control system git that turns your code into a time machine in which you can track changes, access previous version of your code and collaborate with other team members. Also, learn how to configure the Atom text editor for After Effects scripting to turn it into a very powerful alternative for ExtendScript Toolkit (ESTK). The best of it: Both git and Atom are not just highly professional software development tools, but also available free.

# Clean Code #
The larger your scripting projects become, the more important it is to write clean code, that consists of independent, modular and reusable code blocks. In this course you learn how to write such clean code and how to create your own library of reusable code snippets. To achieve this goal, you also learn how to use functions effectively and how to use the Module and Constructor patterns.

# Hands-on Example #
All the concepts mentioned above are explained based on hands-on After Effects scripting examples. You learn, for example, how to embed images for the user interface of a script directly in the code and how to read data from a spreadsheet.

Mathias Möhl is cofounder of, a company with a strong focus on the development of scripts and other extensions for After Effects and Premiere Pro. His most popular developments comprise the After Effects scripts MochaImport+, iExpressions and Auto Lip-Sync as well as BeatEdit for Premiere Pro. Mathias is also an experienced trainer. He released more than 100 free video tutorials on and has been invited to present at events like Animago and the After Effects World Conference. In an earlier life, Mathias did a PhD in Computer Science (which got the top rating “summa cum laude”) and as a researcher in Bioinformatics, he published more than 15 articles in international, scientific conferences and journals.


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Course content:

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“You must register for a premium account to download files of this size”

*Sigh* …fun while it lasted! ツ

Course Digger

Sundryshare.COM is our file hosting service, please support us to maintain service by becoming premium membership. Cheers!


I do see the benefit. Something to consider in the future. Broke as a joke at the moment. No income whatsoever a.t.m. (⋟﹏⋞)

Course Digger

Limitations are set in high level only when premium users complain about low downloading speed. Visitors still make advantage on free download option in not a peak time.


Oh really?
I must admit, it does feel like almost all videos are now asking for a premium membership. Maybe when I can afford it. Thank you for all you are doing. I hope to come back one day.

Jays on

What’s the difference between this upload that is 4gb and previous one that is 5gb..