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This course – Advertising Product Photography Part 1 – Studio Work is a professional product photography course that is based on creating images for use in the advertising world. This type of work is different than just catalog or basic product photography. Here the goal is to create an image that will be used to sell the product.

Most of the time the client will come to you with a concept and you as the photographer must then implement this idea. This means that you will have be well versed on many techniques so as to make this concept into reality.

This course is divided into two main areas – the first is practical work that was done in the studio. This includes a perfume bottle, a microphone, an iPhone, and a woman’s watch. The second part consists of in-depth workshops that were used to create detailed images that will show you how to work through a lot of complex situations.

This course, Advertising Product Photography Part 2 – Post-Production, takes on some of the images that were created in Advertising Product Photography Part 1 – Studio Work and now shows you how to prepare them for final display. As a professional product photographer, your work is not done yet. Even the best of shots in the studio will still need work done after the shooting is done.


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Course content:

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