Adventures in Creative Mobile Art Mastery by Sebastian Michaels — Free download

The First iPhoneography Course Dedicated to
Helping You Create Your Own Visual Language

Adventures in Creative Mobile Artistry with internationally acclaimed artist, author, and instructor Nicki Fitz-Gerald is very much a journey — one you can begin today . . .

You’ll join Nicki in finding inspiration everywhere, gathering photos in the most unexpectedly ordinary places, and then you’ll move on to the design stage and learn to  combine the various photo elements on an iPhone or iPad, watching as each new element propels the artwork in a new direction until it reaches its final destination as an extraordinary piece of art.

It’s like having a ringside seat watching the creative process evolve, delivering you insights from Nicki’s 25 years as a professional graphic artist spent mastering the use of layers and masking techniques . . .  approaches she now transfers to the iPhone.

Across many hours of video, Nicki shares these professionals skills and techniques, showing you how to masterfully combine collage elements in your own work, manipulating color, form, texture, scale, balance, line, and text …

And you learn to do all this in a meaningful and personal way  … making use of layering, blend modes, and masking tools to create wholly original works of art spanning a broad range of abstract and painterly styles.

Other courses will teach you a planned approach to iPhoneography, with a finished piece in mind:  a nice pretty photo at the end.  The kinds of photos that make people say, “Oh, nice” as they flip on to the next one …

This course is different. 

This course is about creating art that expresses something.

This course is about getting a “WOW!” from your work.

And this comes about by focusing on artistic approaches that will fully tap into your creative spirit, help you embrace spontaneity, and train you to draw upon the forms, colors, and textures of your immediate surroundings … while giving you the tools and techniques to gather these various elements and use them to express your very own take on the visual world.

Truly — the possibilities are endless and only require you to stay focused on the essence of what it is you want to express.

This course will free your mind artistically and will train you to see beyond the image, re-purposing photographic content and reinventing new worlds as you go.

And That’s Not All.
Here’s More of What You’ll Learn . . .
You’ll learn advanced photo-editing techniques like layering, masking, blending, recoloring, and more — along with how all this ties into developing a clear and powerful style all your own — and all this from a professional graphic artist with decades of experience.
You’ll learn to paint with light, using the camera to create beautiful painterly scenes that evoke strong moods and emotions.
You’ll learn how to create your own textures, inky brush marks, and custom text … and learn how to masterfully blend all these artistic elements in with your own photos to create amazing works of original art.
You’ll learn how to manipulate color, texture, line, and form as a visual language, allowing you to create expressive art with meaning.
You’ll learn how to see the world like an artist, so as to find inspiration even in the most ordinary places, while employing specific themes to keep you focused.
And most important of all, you’ll learn to see the process of creating artwork as a journey of discovery, with an emphasis on playfulness, experimentation, and spontaneity.
And you’ll be learning all of this as you work through 10 Core Sessions, each a multi-part tutorial, combining live video footage and on-screen iPhone / iPad training.


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Course content:

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