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Following on from the success of the Beginner’s Guide to Music Theory for Producers, this Advanced Guide promises to expand your knowledge of music theory to greatly assist in the creation of more musical tracks. Whatever your level of music theory, there are tonnes of useful techniques and workflows for working both with a keyboard and purely in the DAW, all demonstrated in the production of various popular genres like Hip Hop, House, DnB and Trap.

The course begins with a summary of the Beginner’s Course, showing how to create melodic accompaniment and chords to go with a jazzy break, before moving onto the first advanced topic of modulation, meaning moving to a different key, starting off with the relative major and minor. There is also a thorough look at diatonic triad harmonies, covering the ways that triads change when shifted to different positions in the scale, and how this affects the mood of a song. A funky organ phrase is then put together with a House beat, which moves through a series of regular and inverted triads to create a catchy hook.

The next section shows how a track can move to a different key in a breakdown, and how the harmony and so rules for other melodic parts changes when doing so. There is also a focus on the circle of fifths relationship, showing how it connects all 12 chromatic tones, and the many different ways it’s been used to create popular music from the Baroque period right through to classic House!

After exploring a lush bassline, which is used as the basis for a Liquid DnB groove, there are a series of lessons that work through some of the more advanced chord types, including 7ths and 9ths, with both used to construct Hip Hop and Trap grooves, working mostly with the mouse. The course ends with a module on advanced scales, covering modes, pentatonic and chromatic, as well as a workflow for creating your own scale based purely on note selection in the piano roll.

In addition to all the streamed tutorials, signing up to the course provides access to a download pack containing all the projects, MIDI patterns and samples from the course, as well as a bonus assessment, for testing your newly acquired skills.


Advanced Guide To Music   (download)
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Course content:

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