Advanced Compositing with Stock Images in Photoshop with Aaron Nace — PHLEARN — Free download

You don’t need expensive gear or complicated photoshoots to create beautiful works of art in Photoshop! Follow along as we show you how to use advanced compositing techniques to combine 19 free stock images into an out-of-this-world fantasy scene.

Learn how to cut out objects from their background, match light and color between images taken in different environments, create realistic depth and atmosphere, and more!


  • 19 Sample Images
  • 4 Photoshop Brushes
  • 1 Sample PSD


Phlearn-Pr0-Advanced-Compositing-with-Stock-Images-in-Photoshop-with-Aaron-Nace.part1.rar  (2.00 GB)
Phlearn-Pr0-Advanced-Compositing-with-Stock-Images-in-Photoshop-with-Aaron-Nace.part2.rar  (2.00 GB)
Phlearn-Pr0-Advanced-Compositing-with-Stock-Images-in-Photoshop-with-Aaron-Nace.part3.rar  (2.00 GB)
Phlearn-Pr0-Advanced-Compositing-with-Stock-Images-in-Photoshop-with-Aaron-Nace.part4.rar  (2.00 GB)
Phlearn-Pr0-Advanced-Compositing-with-Stock-Images-in-Photoshop-with-Aaron-Nace.part5.rar  (126.12 MB)

Course content:

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Really? Now we can’t download big files without having to pay for it? If this website does not come back to what it was I will send DMCA a takedown notice, be warned…

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We reduce limitation level on free users next couple of days after upgrading to better servers. To work, we also need food to eat and generate energy to upload and manage data. Anw, after these words, you are not welcome anymore Frank.


Thanks a lot!