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Affinity Photo is a powerful but approachable image enhancement program that is being embraced by a growing number of photographers. In this course, instructor Steve Caplin covers advanced techniques that can help experienced users get more out of this powerful photo app. Steve goes beyond the essentials, explaining how to restore hazy images, work with advanced blending controls, convert images to black and white, sharpen the edges of an image, and more. Plus, he shares how to boost your productivity by setting your own keyboard shortcuts and creating macros.

Topics include:

  • Applying the Haze Removal filter
  • Using a rough displacement map
  • Creating a graffiti effect
  • Using edge detection for sharpening and softening
  • Using the Equations filter
  • Removing fine wrinkles and blemishes
  • Using blend options
  • Perspective distortion
  • Converting images to black and white


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Course content:

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