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Welcome To Expressive Figure Drawing & Painting Techniques.

In this class I will share various tips for simplifying the human figure into simple shapes and forms so that you can easily create some fresh, abstract style artwork.

The class is broken down into three key sections;

Section One – These lessons are dedicated to basic drawing skills that will allow you to reduce the human figure into very basic shapes and forms. This will allow you to get your ideas down quickly so that you can get to painting. It will also reveal some weakness in your drawing skills. These are easily fixed by spending some time to better understand where you are going wrong.

Section Two – These lessons are all about progressions. You will learn how to take a structured drawing and draw it more loosely. This is the gateway to painting for freely. Here you will train your brain and body to really go for it and not be timid with your actions.

Section Three – This is where i will create some finished art. In the demos I will share as many non-traditional and unconventional techniques as possible. Over time I will add more and more so stay tuned for updates.

Thanks for all your support and interest in my SkillShare courses. I really appreciate everything you do so that I can do what I love for a living.


abstract-figure-painting-techniques.part1.rar  (2.93 GB)
abstract-figure-painting-techniques.part2.rar  (2.93 GB)
abstract-figure-painting-techniques.part3.rar  (279.38 MB)

Course Content: https://www.skillshare.com/classes/Abstract-Figure-Painting-Techniques/344808404

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