A Holistic Approach to Create Authentic Portrait Photography with Gisely Esther — SkillShare — Free download

Whether you’re an aspiring freelance photographer or simply a hobbyist that enjoys shooting portraits, this class tackles important aspects you should consider when doing Portrait Photography. 

The Holistic Photographer Gisely Esther shares about her holistic process of creation. Giving examples of how she integrates her passion for YOGA & PHOTOGRAPHY, connecting with people in a way they feel comfortable to express their true self during a photoshoot. In this class you’ll get insights on how to obtain confidence to interact with people on a subtle yet deep level, where you’ll be able to understand better your subject before a photoshoot.

The lessons are structured in three parts: 

  • Holistic Photography – What it is and how every photographer can have a holistic approach.

  • Real Connections – How to build meaningful relationships with people.
  • Authentic Portraits – Tips to be aware during the photoshoot and manifest the desired photographs.

The goal of this class is to inspire you to be more confident as a photographer understanding the client, going above the technical part and tapping into the energy available, being aware of your environment in order to create authentic photographs.


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Course content: https://www.skillshare.com/classes/A-Holistic-Approach-to-Create-Authentic-Portrait-Photography/939256371

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