9+ Ways To Improve On Your Stick Figure Drawings with Milan Glozić — SkillShare — Free download

Whether I make drawings for clients, or for personal projects I always try to make my work efficient and the final result a great looking drawing. Usually I start working with basic stick figures, creating thumbnail drawing to see what is working and what is not. That is why I think good stick figure drawing is very important to my work and it could be for you as well.

In this class, you’ll go behind-the-scenes as I share my process of drawing. I’ll provide you with helpful tips for better understanding of shapes, lines and how to make the best looking stick figures. All for one purpose – to get better at your craft of line making.

With help from this class you should be able to create a strong foundation for your drawing process and from there make art that your friends and family would love to see on their walls.

Here are some of the steps that you’ll go through in this class:

  • Gather up your drawing materials and reference photos.
  • Set up your workplace and start working.
  • Make simple exercises to master your lines
  • Learn new things or recapitalize your knowledge about stick figures and how to use them in your drawing
  • Experiment with proportions of different types of human body.
  • See how to use simplify shapes and put stick figures in motion.
  • Use simple lines to create a basic shape of a human body.
  • Enjoy drawing. 🙂

Start making drawings with confidence of a professional draughtsman.

For the class project students will create drawings based on the video lessons, just watch the final video. 🙂

This class is aimed at beginner to intermediate level students with just the basic knowledge of drawing but anyone who likes to brush up on their knowledge of drawing can watch this class. Who knows, even those advanced students might learn something interesting, see another approach to drawing, try something different.


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