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Welcome to Your Biggest Creative challenge!

This course will teach you something new every single day for an entire year! The format will provide you with the ultimate creative challenge and a different kind of learning experience. This course is split into 12 monthseach available as a separate course here on SkillShare. All videos are in numerical sequence, however you can watch them in any order you like!

Each day you will take part in graphic design and illustration projects mainly using Adobe PhotoshopIllustrator and InDesign. We will also teach you drawing, mixed media techniques, design theory and mobile apps such as Procreate!

Each video is divided into two sections, starting with a one minute tutorial, that explains the techniques needed, which seamlessly leads into a commentary style video providing further insight into the topic.

Many of these tutorials are accompanied by a downloadable working file. Feel free to download these and practice the techniques you learnt.


365 Days Of Creativity – Month 3.part1.rar  (2.93 GB)
365 Days Of Creativity – Month 3.part2.rar  (108.58 MB)

Course Content: https://www.skillshare.com/classes/365-Days-Of-Creativity-Month-3/799425100

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