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I have designed an all-new set of actions which will allow you to adjust the color of your photos with extreme precision! They are dedicated to highly accurate color grading. Compared to the actions provided with my previous tutorials, they really take it the next level! After creating these actions, I experimented with them on many photos in order to find the ideal adjustments and layout and redefine the limits of color grading! Color correction have never been so targeted!

These new actions come with a very detailed 40-minute video guide, which is critical in learning how to use them! Thanks to this video tutorial, you will fully master this action pack. I will show you my editing process and my organization tips to retain complete control over the color edit. My method is exhaustive but also easy to understand and can be reproduced effortlessly on any photo!

This 40-minute video is in French and it includes english subtitles. The actions are compatible with Photoshop (the entire CS series and CC), regardless of your default language (French, English, etc.). Installing them is very easy and clearly explained in the video. The actions are independent and will work, whether you already have the actions from my previous tutorials or not.


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