30 Premium Retouching Video Tutorials By Nino Batista | File Size  27.8 GB| Free download

Photo Retouching Tutorials Like Never Before!

Having access to this huge amount of tutorial materials will help photographers to build their skills and learn new tips and techniques that they can use to make their photos look better than ever.

Nino is a very popular photography and retouching teacher because he explains things in a straightforward way and his tutorials are comprehensive, practical and easy to follow along with.

His videos cover real tips that anyone can learn, whether you are a professional photographer or it is simply a hobby you are passionate about. These are the actual techniques that he uses in his professional career.

Here are some of the skills that these tutorials will teach you:

  • How to use Raw Smart Objects
  • The basics of reducing backlit flare
  • How to do cleanup and color work
  • A guide to luminosity masks
  • How to edit skin color with exposure and contrast
  • How to use the dodge and burn function
  • A basic workflow for Capture One Pro 9
  • Seamless portrait masking tips
  • How to add publication logos to your online tearsheets
  • How to add atmosphere
  • How to sharpen photos quickly
  • How to balance mixed light with Raw Smart Objects
  • Tips for outdoor glamour photography retouching
  • And much more


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